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Classes & Workshops:

Prayer to Action

This 4-week intensive works with Unity's 4th and 5th principles in a deeper way. In turbulent socio-political times, it can be difficult to remain spiritually grounded and know how to take action. How can activism be a spiritual discipline, as Sharif Abdullah calls it? Explore this question and your own heart calling to put feet to your prayers.  This intensive explores how to take the ideals of love, equality, inclusion, and peace from the realm of consciousness to the realm of expression in our lives and in our communities. Drawing from the work of luminaries, participants will use a workbook to create a practical plan of spiritually rooted action in the world.

Unleash Your Creative Power

This class is designed as a 7 week course that allows participants to discover and develop a personal creative process by exploring the metaphysics of the 7 day creation story. Art experience/skill is not required though each week will feature an art form purposely paired with the corresponding day of creation.

Hallelujah! Prosperity from Creative Power

This workshop can be offered as a stand alone 2.5 hour workshop or as a 6 week class. Using the book Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth, this course contextualizes our prosperous nature as deriving from our creative nature. You will want to shout Hallelujah! after taking this course and discovering how to draw forth your creative power in such a way that you experience your potential as a prosperous being.

Pray It Out Loud

This workshop is an opportunity to examine how and why we pray alone and together. Want to give your prayer life a power boost? This workshop is for you- regardless of your prayer experience and practice. We will look at different methods of prayer as a practice to connect with Spirit.

Vision Quest: A Seeker's Path

This workshop invites participants to engage the Truth residing within for a personal revelation of Divine direction. Affirming that we are not static beings, but ever evolving, shaping and reshaping, children of the Beloved, this workshop is a journey to Self, to Vision, and to a clear path for action.

Creating Spiritual Services
Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, M&RS credit course

Celebrations and ceremonies augment the community dimension of spirituality in ministerial service. Students will explore the psycho-physiological factors that evoke the sacred experience in a gathered community. Applying these factors to Unity special services provides students with the opportunity to create a personal portfolio of these services and practice officiating community ceremonies and celebrations.

Technology for the Emerging Church

Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, M&RS credit course (open)

Technology is so ubiquitous that we may become obsessed with it or, alternatively, resist using it. From
the use of sound and light in Sunday Services, to PowerPoint presentations in classes and meetings, to
promoting ministries on the internet and social media, to managing the ministry, technology is pervasive
in ministry too. Students will learn about and engage with uses of technology in ministry. They will
explore how their vision of ministry can best be achieved through judicious use of the ever expanding
field of technological innovation.

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