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Most requested talks:

Prayer to Action

Church Deconstructed/Reconstructed

Livin' the Dream

Turn It Up: Unleash Your Creative Power

Classes & Workshops here.


Anointing, Communion, wedding (LGBTQ friendly), christening, house blessing, burning bowl, white stone, and alternative ceremonies and rituals available upon request.

Past Locations:

Parliament of the World's Religions; Unity of New York; Unity of Dallas; Celebrate Your Life PHX & Sedona Retreats; Unity of Omaha; Unity Spiritual Center Albuquerque, NM; Unity Columbine Spiritual Center, Boulder, CO; Unity of Stockton; Unity of Tulsa; Unity of the Lakes; Unity of Leavenworth; Fillmore Chapel; Unity People's Convention; Unity Spiritual Center, Springfield, MO; ​Northern Ohio Unity Retreat; Unity Village Chapel; Unity of KC North; Unity of Topeka; Unity Church of Overland Park; Tulsa Unity/CSL Women's Retreat; Omaha Women's Retreat; Unitreat Oneness Workshops;  


World Day of Prayer at Unity Village

Church Deconstructed/Reconstructed

Church Deconstructed/Reconstructed is a performance art experience, an alternative style service that is presented when possible in the round. It utilizes spoken-word, music (choir and soloists), drumming, and an anointing as a means of honoring traditional church history while also calling out the "sins" of the church- the ways in which it has oppressed and marginalized certain groups of people- to create a space for healing. This service is designed to examine how and why we create spiritual community and how to do so in a meaningful, relevant way in the 21st century.

Church Deconstructed/Reconstructed
Click here to view Church Deconstructed/Reconstructed
at Unity Village Chapel 2016

Livin' the Dream

Creative Power

Livin the Dream


Creative Power
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